Monday 16 March 2020


Tigers Taekwondo has taken the decision to cancel all classes for the next two weeks.
With the elevated risk of infection our activity has due to close body contact during training we feel that it would be within our duty of care to cancel our remaining classes for term one and crediting/adjusting affected clients for term 2.
Our peak Taekwondo organisations have just cancelled several upcoming events, and whilst the risk at this stage may be considered by some to be manageable. Tigers Taekwondo feel the responsible and prudent action is to not run classes until after the school holidays, giving students and family’s better protection early. 

A clarification, the notification also includes the grading on Saturday the 21st, a new date posted as soon as the virus situation is stable.

Watch this space for further developments and hints on how to keep in shape and practice you techniques at home. We will be posting regular updates on how keep you in the groove.