Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Resumption Of TIGERS TAEKWONDO classes

Hi Tigers

I have just finished an onsite meeting with YMCA management, and I am pleased to announce that it is all systems go.

We will enter and leave via the upstairs outside door, 2nd and 3rd classes will assemble in the office space opposite the kitchen entry door this is to facilitate the exit of the previous class whilst not compromising COVID numbers per space, and for conducting  temperature testing and attendance registering.

For those that routinely have to place and remove the mats they will stay down for the remainder of the year, YAAAAH

Later on this afternoon I will mail you all, the class lists for these classes, there is slight bit of room for adjustment through the classes if it is unworkable for you. The criteria for the collections I have done is firstly class size,  secondly  the appropriate teaching level, thirdly siblings together in the same class.

Let’s have a bit of fun and work it out together


Latest is 30/10/2020

Monday, 19 October 2020

The Latest Taegeuk and Black Belt Patterns Videos from Kukkiwon

 The Latest Taegeuk and Black Belt Patterns Videos from Kukkiwon

Click >>>>>HERE<<<<<< Updated October 2020,

Friday, 25 September 2020


 The club Competition has been run and won

The winners will receive their certificate in the mail today

Saturday, 1 August 2020



We’re excited to announce the details of our in-house Poomsae competition.
·         Enter by email to
·         Video submissions  - August 12 to Sep 11
·         Competition viewing September 20, 2020
·         Clothing – Full club Dobok, or WT approved competition Dobok.
·         Only one poomsae required

Basic Pattern

Basic Pattern

Taegeuk E jang

Taegeuk O jang


1.      Record your two poomsae continually as one Video, smart phone is OK. Have it mounted or sitting on something so it doesn’t shake.

2.      You may record videos indoors or outdoors, following the physical distancing rules in your area.

3.      The athlete shall be 100% full body inside the video recording at all times, The camera may be rotated left or right only, no zoom, to facilitate this coverage. (No music)

4.      Videos used in any other competitions will NOT be accepted for consideration.

5.      The athlete is to face the camera in the start position while recording. The camera must be stationary but may be rotated no more than 45 degrees left and right from its starting point as indicated below.
6.      Film your solo performance following our strict rules and guidelines and upload it to YouTube.  Name the uploaded video with your name and belt level Make sure the video privacy is set to ‘unlisted’, so that only anyone with the direct URL link can view it. The video cannot be public. 

7.      Email the YouTube link to Gary Thorpe for judging.

Click here to see example of Ukraine boy at a European comp
This is mine from the 1st Oceania Online Championships (it took 14 takes to stop falling over)

Senior Black belts within the club will be engaged to judge the competition.
I don’t know what the prizes will be, but we will think of something.
You have until Friday September the 11th to upload an email me the video link
You have nearly a month to relearn and practice
The competition will be screened virtually live, on Sunday, September 20. I will post a timetable of the screening time when I have an idea of how many competitors we have.
Between September 11 and September 18 they will be judged and collated into their competition groupings, for viewing on September 20.
The first you will know of the results will be when the videos are released and you see the progress score after each competitor. It will appear for all intents and purposes that you are looking at a live competition. (IT issues prevent real live comp)
Also, if you are having difficulty remembering the forms, you are more than welcome to make a Zoom appointment with me for some 1 on 1 instruction as many times as you like.
Any question please contact me on 0407 010 878, or by email
If you know of any former students who use to train with us and should be given the opportunity to reconnect let me know also.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Tigers Taekwondo and Covid-19

Tigers Taekwondo and Covid-19

2020 has been well and truly upturned by the current global pandemic. Almost immediately on the back of our Victorian Bushfire Crisis, all our communities were suddenly and directly affected by Covid-19.

Our club chose to close early, some two weeks prior to actual restrictions being imposed, and just when poised to make a careful return we now face more time to wait before we can safely resume training in groups.

The YMCA has been faced with big challenges – staff layoffs and shutdown of operations, and has been working with Tigers Taekwondo to develop a new timetable/roster of classes aimed at providing families with the most opportunities to utilise their existing credit account. We’ve also been working out the details with the YMCA about what needs to be done to ensure a Covid-Safe return to training. More information to follow soon!

Term two felt very long with the required changes and restrictions, and also a sad one with the passing of our Black Belt Elder, Neil Crammer. A special award will be created to be included in our annual club awards to honour Neil’s memory.

Individually we’ve all been facing challenges both work and personal, and some of them not easy at all if they involve loss of family income or health/care issues. There are also the challenges our kids face with online/remote learning and not being able to catch up with training buddies at Taekwondo!

However, Taekwondo teaches us to persevere, and to maintain spirit, to commit to strive and to improve. Tigers Instructor Gary Thorpe has been the greatest example of this since the closure of our classes, winning a silver medal representing Australia in the 1st Oceana Open Online Poomsae Championships, and another silver in the 1st Online Daedo European Poomsae Championships!

Now in term three and on the back of Gary’s international successes and experience, he has brought to our club the opportunity for our students to compete in our own, online Poomsae competition! This will be a great way for students to ‘get remembering’ their forms during these extended restrictions, have some fun and send in their best takes! More details will follow soon.

In the meantime we encourage our students to keep stretching and to keep exercising in preparation for a return to training. Martial arts can be a lifelong journey as the path is always there – one must simply be prepared to continue, but also sometimes, to simply wait.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Online Poomase Competitions

Online Poomase Competitions
We are going to have an intraclub one
Details being worked on now

1st Oceania Online Poomsae Championships 66+ Final

Ist Robert Schembri
2nd Gary Thorpe
3rd Russell Wood