Friday 19 July 2024

Personal Safety Awareness & Self Defence

 Personal Safety Awareness & Self Defence

Tigers Taekwondo is initiating a new program of Personal Safety Awareness & Self Defence. This will be conducted in the upstairs Social Hall (our usual training room) of Macleod YMCA, led by head instructor Tim Huggins on Saturdays from 11.30-12.30pm during school term.

Tigers Taekwondo Members can participate as part of their normal fees program, but we are also encouraging members' friends, family and the general public to attend. The class fee for Public/non members is a casual payment of $20.00 (cash or direct transfer).

Tigers Taekwondo members do not have to complete this form, but if you have a friend who may be interested in Personal Safety Awareness & Self Defence please forward the link to the form to them. If this is not possible registration can be completed on arrival for class.
*Please note if under 18 parent/carer name and contact details are required.

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Tuesday 16 July 2024

WE'RE BACK Tomorrow 5:00pm

 WE'RE BACK Tomorrow 5:00pm

Tuesday 11 June 2024



Northern Regional Championship June 2024

 Congratulations to our Tigers students who competed at the Northern Regional Championship in Darebin yesterday!

Our 16 competitors garnered a total of 24 medals! 7 Gold, 6 Silver and 11 Bronze - well done all!
There was some fantastic performances, but what makes competition special is the resilience, focus and commitment required to just get on the mat and compete. There were numerous examples of this, but one of our students summed it up perfectly when she said she wanted "To challenge myself".
Tilly did really well winning Gold in pairs poomsae, Silver in teams and Bronze in individual. Toby won Silver in teams, Bronze individual and had two sparring matches to win a Bronze.
Brandon's very first competition saw him win Bronze in individual poomsae, and an uncontested gold in sparring (unfortunately there was no suitable opponent). Bruce fought two hard matches to win the Gold in sparring and a Bronze in individual poomsae.
Juni had two poomsae matches to win the Bronze, Rohan and Sohum both did very well to win Silver in their poomsae divisions.
Lahaina won the silver in individual, Gold in pairs and Silver in teams poomsae. Sami worked hard to win the Bronze in individual.
Maya had two hard fights to win Bronze in sparring, whilst Ella won Gold in both her sparring and individual poomsae divisions!
Daniel had a tough division, winning Bronze in poomsae. Evie also had two hard sparring matches to win the Bronze medal.
Max won a Bronze in his individual poomsae division, and Daelan did really well winning the Gold in his poomsae division. Luka put in a great effort, winning Silver in his sparring division.
Although 7 of our students entered the high jump kick event, none were quite tall enough to win through against much taller opponents!
Out of the 24 medals Tigers students won, 20 of those medals represents two matches each. This means that this special group of Tigers Taekwondo students will be bringing back to our dojang their experiences in playing 44 matches at this tournament!



Tuesday 21 May 2024

TOURNAMENT REPORT: Victorian Taekwondo Interclub Competition

TOURNAMENT REPORT: Sebastian from Kinglake fought two hard matches to win a Silver medal, whilst Tilly put in a great effort despite starting with some nerves to win Gold in Poomsae and Silver in Sparring! Akeeva from Kinglake powered through to win Silver in both Poomsae and Sparring, whilst Kinzee had a tough division against more senior graded students but did well, winning a Bronze in sparring and a Bronze in poomsae. Stefanie from Kinglake showed great resilience and recovery when she made a wrong turn in her first poomsae, but rallied well in her second form to win a bronze medal. Lahaina showed us an awesome poomsae performance winning the Gold in her division! Rory fought really well and showed great potential in both his matches, winning a Bronze. Sami put in a valiant fighting effort after missing the last weeks preparation for a school camp, and despite getting a minor injury won a Bronze medal. Luca had two hard fights against bigger boys and showed a lot of bravery to also win Bronze. Jess from Kinglake did really well in poomsae winning the Silver, and fought two hard matches against older and bigger competitors to win a Bronze medal! Bruce from Kinglake put on an awesome sparring display to win the Gold against a very high-performance opponent, and finalled in poomsae winning a Silver medal! Daelan won a Bronze in his poomsae division, and shows enormous potential as a future competitor. 
TOTAL CLUB MEDAL TALLY: 12 Tigers Competitors won 17 medals! 3 Gold 5 Silver 9 Bronze