Monday, 16 May 2022

Class Booking 2nd Term 2022 weeks 5 to 8

 Hi All Tigers

This week marks the end of the first 4 weeks of term 2. Wednesday the 25th of May will be the start of the second 4 week period of term 2

This applies only to those that do not have free trial lessons still to complete

The link below is for the class booking form for that period

Class Booking Form 2nd Term 2022 weeks 5 to 8

Wednesday May 25 to Friday June 24

At Tigers, Families only pay for the first two family members 3rd and subsequent members are free. Please include the names of family members 3 , 4, 5 etc in the form below for class management purposes.

Fees to be paid in advance otherwise the casual pay as you go rate will apply.

Paying in advance offers an approximately 15 to 30 percent saving depending on the selected package.

For Tigers that trained with us last year and have not returned as yet now is a good time to jump back on board.


This is only a notification form please complete payment via your own online Banking system

You will need to complete this form after each payment.

Doing it this way keeps our overheads down and therefore cheaper for you.


It is also a good time to remind everyone who if they haven't already done so (Trial members excepted)

Please complete ands pay the once off annual registration @

This information is critical to our communication process and to fulfil the YMCA's photography requirements

Class booking and Registration payments 

Account:              T J Huggins

  BSB:                      633000

  Acct#:                  183405687

 Reference: 2022 2nd Term Part B

Enquiries can be made to


Tim Huggins: 0414-888-992

Gary Thorpe 0407 010 878

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Tigers you are invited to compete

 CONTACT  Gary 0407010878 for how to enter, entries close 28th May, 2022

Saturday 11th June, 2022
Registration: 8:30am
Competition start: 9am
Bayswater Secondary College in the gym (near
Orchard Rd and Church St, Bayswater)
Events ‐ Poomsae (patterns)
‐ High jumping front kick competition
‐ Kyorugi (sparring)
Organiser Australian/Korean Taekwondo Centre
Knox Taekwondo Academy
Parking within the school carpark on Orchard
Road. Street parking is also available
Carmelo Tarascio –
Jeff Copolov –
Cost: ‐ $40 for entrants regardless of the number of
events entered
‐ Spectators free
There will be a sausage sizzle, cold drinks, tea and
coffee available on the day
Uniform Competitors must wear a traditional white, V-neck
dobok. For poomsae, competitors may wear a WT
poomsae uniform if they choose to
Draw The draw will be decided on the day, competito

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

We're back

 We're back. Dust off the dobok, find the belt (Mum have you seen my Taekwondo belt). 1st class for Term 2 Wednesday the 27th 5:00pm

Annual Regstration ( if not already done)

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

2ND Term, 1st 4 Weeks Class Bookings


IF you did not receive an email on April 12 with this link please contact Gary
( He is not a fan of failed communication )

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Color Belt Grading Saturday April 2

 What a great day Saturday's grading was.

It is an especially proud day for the Instructors and Assistant Instructors to be a part of.
When we see the results of our work hit the floor in such a wonderful way, it makes the task worthwhile

Friday, 4 February 2022

THE BBQ 2022

A Great Day with fantastic support from Koryo Taekwondo and Schembri Taekwondo

This is the 15th year that this event is being held, though this one is slightly different.
It is my opportunity to say thanks to all of the Taekwondo community that has supported us.