Sunday, 8 January 2023



We are back NEXT Wednesday the 1st of February

Classes, normal times Wednesday and Friday 5, 6, 7pm

With the exception of Saturday the 4th of February NO Classes, Tim will be away

Mountain Tigers your Kinglake classes start Thursday 9th of February

We will continue with the same billing system as last year

Save the Date>>>> THE BBQ Sunday FEB 19

 I will be sending out details with regards to 2023 Registration​ but we will do that later we don't need information overload from Gary


Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Tigers Taekwondo Annual Awards Results


Tigers Taekwondo Annual Awards 

Student of the Year 2022

Eden Cavanagh 

Assistant Instructor of the Year 2022

Ammaar Smail

Best Training Attitude 2022

Katelyn Lavcanski 

Most Improved Student 2022

Louise Beatty 

Rising Star Award 2022

Daniel Ding

Encouragement Awards 2022 

Ilaria Clive

Victoria Bland

Max Beatty

Ella Suk

Freya Thomas

Robert Walsh

Anna Clive 

Maya Armitage

Joseph Hale

Matilda Eldridge

Tiger of the Year


Gary Thorpe 

Monday, 31 October 2022

TEAM TIGERS for the Northern Invitational Taekwondo Competition 30 October 2022

 Congratulations to all of the competitors in both Poomsae and Sparring and High Jump

The current count is 12 Gold, 16 Silver, 14 Bronze medals with 3 Players still to confirm their results to me

It takes courage to put yourselves out there to do what you have done.

Any memories of the bumps and bruises are pretty much faded away.In our eyes you are all winners

Also many many thanks to the parents and grandparents, these events can be chaotic at times. But things like packing up the gear, getting me and Tim a coffee, helping the tournament organisers in the many ways that you did is pure gold and we can't thank you enough.



Tuesday, 4 October 2022

We're Back

 Hi Tigers

We're Back for Term 4 this week, in this the year of the TIGER

Some things to look forward to

1. Competition time, we will rev up preparation for the competition on the 30 of October

Join the Tigers team here--

2. Probably another Black Belt Grading Late November or early December 

3. COLOR BELT GRADING on the 10th of December

3. Awards presentation day 11th of December, 

A little change in the awards selection process. All Black Belts will be asked to nominate recipients and vote on the winners.

Some housekeeping 

Term 4 weeks 1-5 training fees are now due please complete the class booking for here.

All new students even if you are just trialling please complete the club registration form

It makes my ability to communicate effectively so much easier.

Assistant Instructors - The club is not any smaller than last term, register your commitment here.

If you are wanting to purchase a uniform see Gary for sizing and order here


And as always if you have any questions please contact me

0407 010 878

Tigers Taekwondo