Tuesday 19 May 2015

2015 Taekwondo Community Survey

Snapshot of key results

2015 Taekwondo Community Survey

The taekwondo community believe the STA’s primary purpose is to promote the sport and grow the number of people participating at all levels (including recreation).
The taekwondo community believe that the key priority for STA over the next 12-24 months is to be open and transparent.
A critical aspect to the future success of STA is for there to be a shared vision amongst the taekwondo community on the future direction of the sport.
There is a very strong and clear message that STA must recognise and cater to the unique needs of the distinct participant segments (i.e. competitive versus recreational; or sport versus martial art).
The current STA membership offer is perceived as lacking value for money, with the only benefits believed to be insurance and eligibility to compete. Suggestions to improve focus upon greater access to local and low-level (fun) events (for recreational participants), and for improved communication of upcoming events, opportunities for financial assistance to compete, and improved management of major events (for competitive athletes).
There is a clear needed for more frequent and relevant communication from STA to each distinct member segment, including Head Instructors, Instructors, Coaches, Judges, Referees, Athletes, Participants and Parents.