All Instructors are Kukkiwon qualified.                      

Tim Huggins Head Instructor -
6th Dan Kukkiwon -
Macleod and Kinglake Dojangs
Tim has won numerous state and national Taekwondo
titles in both sparring and poomsae,
and represented Australia in sparring at the US Open, Dutch Open, Belgian Open
and Singapore Open Championships
Gary Thorpe - 5th Dan Kukkiwon -
Macleod  Dojang
Gary has won numerous state and national Taekwondo titles in  poomsae,
and represented Australia at the World Championships in Lima Peru and is a
Class 1 Poomsae Judge. He also completed the  International Masters and Dan Promoters courses conducted by the Kukkiwon with a diploma for outstanding performance in the Dan Promoters course

Clair Overy -1st Dan Kukkiwon -
Macleod  Dojang

Brad You - 3rd Dan Kukkiwon -
Macleod  Dojang

Kiara You - 3rd Dan Kukkiwon - 
Mcleod Dojang

Caitlyn You - 2nd Dan Kukkiwon - 
Mcleod Dojang

Doug Aplin - 2nd Dan Kukkiwon -
Macleod  Dojang

Tara Robertson -  1st Dan Kukkiwon -
Kinglake Dojang