Thursday 20 April 2023


HI Tigers 

Term 2 is just about upon us. YE HA

WELCOME BACK We have been wrestling with the idea of going to full term invoicing for training fees this would result in a term fee per child 1 class a week of $110.00 single payment. for a 10-week term, less for multiple sessions.

We have however decided to remain at half term billing, 

This can create confusion as some terms are 8 weeks and other 10 weeks, which means pricing seems to be changing instead of set for every Term.

If you would prefer a once a term bill, please let us know, I have provided a tick box on the current form as a survey to guide us for Term 3.

The link below is for the first 5 weeks of Term 2

This form is not required for students who are completing their 4-week trial period.

Also, T-shirts, if you have you indicated a wish to purchase in the T-shirt survey but have not ordered and paid for them, please do so by the end of next week.

I will send those students a separate email. 

I will then be able to put on the market the rest of the unallocated order, and order more if required.

Those that have paid for but not collected them do not forget to do so during class this week.

This Term the available competition to enter for beginners and novices will be,

Northern Region Invitational has been booked in for the Queen’s Birthday weekend. 

So, it is on Sunday June 11th at the Darebin Community Sports Centre on Plenty Rd, 

Links in common use are.


Uniform order

Colour Belt Grading application [This Terms Grading will be Saturday 17th of June]

These are also on our Web site.