Sunday 24 July 2022

COVID Checklist for social and workplace contact

  Student who attended Saturday the 13ths class has tested positive to COVID Below is the Victorian Governments checklist for close contacts

Checklist for social and workplace contact
Step 1: Get tested if you have symptoms
Someone who has COVID-19 has informed you that you are a social or workplace contact.
This means you spent time with a confirmed case (such as at work or while socialising indoors) while they were infectious with COVID-19 and you may now have the virus.
If you have symptoms, you must use a rapid antigen test, or get a PCR test if you can’t access a rapid antigen test.
If you don't have symptoms, you are strongly recommended to use a rapid antigen test daily for 5 days.
If you test negative on the PCR or the rapid antigen tests:
Resume your normal activities.
Keep monitoring for symptoms and get tested again if any develop.
If you test positive:
You are a case and you need to follow the checklist for cases. Visit Checklist for COVID cases page for information.
You must report your result if you tested positive on a rapid antigen test. Visit Reporting your result page for more information.
If you have had COVID-19 already in the last 4 weeks:
Anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 is exempt from testing and quarantine requirements if they are re-exposed to a case within 4 weeks of testing positive.