Sunday 28 November 2021

Maddy Thorpe is a Tiger


Some of you will know Maddy Thorpe from Banyule Tigers Taekwondo and the battle she is currently undergoing with cancer. Maddy has been diagnosed with a rare type of brain-pituitary/blood cancer. After 14 months of chemotherapy she went into remission. However, unfortunately, the cancer has returned.
The Victorian Taekwondo and Gymnastics communities are throwing their support behind Maddy to "Kick and Flip" Cancer. Maddy's partner and full time carer, Kevin, has set up a gofundme page at the link below where they go into more detail about the journey they've been on so far, the effects it's had on them, and the issues they face for the future.
To support the Thorpe family, Grandmasters Russell Wood and Robert Schembri will be running a Taekwondo seminar on January 23rd to help raise funds for Maddy. Please see the attached flyer. More details on this seminar will be provided in January.