Wednesday 25 March 2020

Poomsae Drills for Wednesday 25th March

Poomsae Drills
For white belts stand on one leg for 30 seconds and wave to someone with both hands,
Change legs and repeat do the every second day.

Hand Closes Arms extended, fingers and thumbs relaxed, close fist quickly ensuring thumb wrapped completely, repeat quickly 100 reps
Double Momtong makki action (extra same but 1 leg) Stand relaxed, both hands Double high outside block wrist at shoulder height, hands lightly closed bring hands to body block position without fingers touching, start slow and build speed
Double outside body block action (extra same but 1 leg) Stand relaxed both hands lightly closed crossed at the waist wrists facing up, complete outside body block action and finish in Double high outside block position, start slow and build speed
Body punch same hand only walking Whilst walking forward punch with the same hand every time, same side punches will alternate over front and back leg, at the same time making sure the non-punching hand is in the prepared position for the pulling action.
Same Side all blocking and punching (Everything) see previous drill Very seldom do we continuously change from left to right hand with the same block or punch, therefore it is much better to repeat the action with same hand whilst moving forward
One leg toe raises Stand at a wall for support if needed rise up onto ball of foot, don’t rock forward or start with foot already extended and slowly lower to floor, this will prevent rocking
One leg toe raises 45 degrees position on floor
As above in One leg toe raises but when returning to the floor land 45 degree clockwise or anticlockwise of the start position
Ball of foot turn 90degree steps against wall As above except turn foot 90 degrees
Frog stretch (extra - rotation of hip) Kneel on the floor knees as wide as comfortable with toes turned out and ankles in line with knees, lower yourself so that you rest on your elbows and gentle push backwards
Leg ups, spring off toe, no upward momentum of knee Walking forward spring off your toes in an upwards direction, don’t use knee up momentum to provide the lift
Body punch same hand only walking Long Stance Same as above but more difficult in Long Stance
Slow front kick below knee( knee height, start and finish 4 count) Whilst walking forward 3 steps to get relaxed then complete a front kick to a SLOW 4 count, knee up extend return step down, standing leg straight. This is best done firstly with the kick aimed at knee height
Slow Sidekicks 3 levels Whilst walking forward 3 steps to get relaxed, then complete a side kick to a SLOW 4 count, knee tucked, correct foot shape don’t rush the return completed a set at three levels, knee waist, higher.
Slow round house 3 levels Knee up and pointing in direction of travel at all times slow roundhouse to SLOW 4 count take 3 steps relax and repeat other leg
Half low block walking stance Start at walking stance with low block,(Left foot forward LH block) with a continuous motion bring the R foot up beside the L foot and the L blocking hand past R shoulder, the step forward with L foot and block with L hand.
Back stances single knife hand one side only Similar practice to Half low block walking stance, except executing single knife hand in back stance. These drills reinforce hand foot co-ordination as well as weak side hand preparation
Back stance single knife hand to nullo makki / spear hand, Taeguek 4 combination One side only. Emphasize on all things moving together during transition
Balance and hand / foot co-ordination for front kick Front stance hands in air, straighten front leg and make T shape with body horizontal to floor,(arabesque,) resume original front stance, then step =- repeat other side
Progression - Same as above except after return to front stance, front kick and pull hands to body as you kick return to original front stance before stepping
All actions, breath in during slow preparation, exhale and hold sharply on finish action setting core at same time.