Friday 10 February 2017

Welcome Back 2017

Welcome Back to Taekwondo in 2017
Welcome back to another year of further developing a great range of martial arts skills.
We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s break.
This year the club will be registering and insuring members through Taekwondo Victoria (TVI), utilising our existing insurer SportsCover. The aims of TVI better reflect those of our club in providing better access to local competitions and affordability to families that train with us . As a result the club has been able to lower the registration rate for some age groups. Unfortunately, TVI does not issue cards to students as it does not hold students personnel information.
For those wishing to compete there is the Moomba TVI competition coming soon in March as well as a number of inter-club competitions planned. This year will also see the return of our “Infamous” Taekwondo Training Camp planned for term 3 in Toolangi.
Exciting Stuff!

Annual Club and Association Fees Due
2017 Taekwondo Victoria (TVI) Membership and Insurance
Annual registration fees are due by the end of February for all Tigers Taekwondo students. By registering through TVI we have been able to streamline the age group classifications and lower the rate for Senior and Junior age groups. Please refer to the table below for the new registration rates.
As well as TVI membership, registration fees also cover SportsCover Personal accident insurance for all members. And income protection for members over 18. All members must also complete a new 2017 registration form. Forms and Fees should be returned on ay training night by the end of February.

 2017 registration rates as follows
Minors (11 years and under at date of registration)   $50
Juniors (12-17 years at date of registration)                  $60
Seniors (18 years and over at date of registration)   $70
 · Please note that insurance cover will not commence until registration fees are paid and processed
If you have any queries regarding annual registration fees please feel free to talk to Tim on 0414  888 992 or 5786 1884