Tuesday 28 April 2015

Masters Levels of Poomsae Competition reduction

I hereby express my dismay and disappointment on reading of the proposed changes to Poomsae Competition rules & Interpretation, Article 4 Contestant
(Compressing all Masters Levels to just 46+)

One of the basic tenets of Poomsae is that it allows the older athletes to continue participating for many many years. To deny older athletes the opportunity to continue in the sport that they have given their life to is discriminatory at best, and a terrible lack of foresight, these people are often held up by others as an example to younger students and the community at large of what we should be doing as a society, many of these people have been recognized by their countries governments for their achievements. Consider also the flow on effect, when they can no longer compete, will as many of their students decide that they too are passed it and will decide not to compete.